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The SHURflo 2088-422-444 Classic 2.8 GPM Potable Water Pump is designed to provide reliable water pressure and flow to onboard sinks, toilets and showers commonly found in modern RVs, tent trailers and other vehicles. The pump runs on 12 VDC power and features a low power draw of 7 Amps, a three-chambered diaphragm allowing for self priming, a permanent magnet motor capable of intermittent duty, a maximum water pressure of 45 PSI and preset shutoff functionality. Additional pump uses include: 12 VDC pressurized water systems in cabins and general water transfer.



Reliable DC powered water pressure for RV use.

Legendary Performance

SHURflo fresh water pumps have enjoyed a near legendary reputation for performance and longevity among recreational vehicle owners since the late 1960s, and they continue to set the standard for the industry with their Classic Fresh Water Pump. The standard model within the SHURflo 2088 Classic water pump series, the SHURflo Classic Fresh Water Pump features the same quality and dependability present in other models in the series, but in a pump designed for use with a dedicated 12-volt VDC power source. 2088 series pumps are intended for intermittent duty when the proper operating criteria are met. This means that the SHURflo Classic Water Pump is equipped to deliver high performance in the form of maximum water flow and pressure for onboard, sinks, toilets and showers, resulting in reliable performance each and every time you need it, wherever you go.

Performance data for the SHURflo 2088-422-444 Classic 2.8 GPM Pump

High performance with low Amp draw.
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System components included with the SHURflo 2088-422-444 Classic 2.8 GPM Pump

Easy installation and system longevity.
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Low Amp Draw, Reliable Operation

SHURflo’s Classic Potable Water Pump operates three independent pumping chambers which allows the pump to self-prime and lift water up to 12 feet, all the while drawing a maximum of 7 amps of power. This leaves sufficient battery power for other needs, and/or to avoid unnecessary battery drain. With smooth flow and uninterrupted operation, Classic Series pumps include a built-in check valve to prevent back flow into the tank, as well as preset shutoff pressure to prevent system overload of premature failure. In addition, pumps can be mounted in any position and conveniently feature an adjustable switch and the capability to run dry without damage to the pump or motor.


  • Voltage – 12 VDC
  • Dimensions Inches/Millimeters – 7.84″ x 5.0″ x 4.62″ [199 x 127 x 117 mm]
  • Flow Rate GPM/LPM – 2.8 GPM [10.6 LPM]
  • Amps (Max.) – 7
  • Shutoff Pressure – 45 PSI [3.1 BAR]
  • Restart Pressure – 25 PSI [1.8 Bar]


  • Quiet performance
  • Runs dry without damage
  • Self priming
  • Built-in check valve
  • Easy installation
  • Thermally protected
  • Enclosed motor
  • 2 year limited warranty

Two-year Limited Warranty

SHURflo warrants its aftermarket 2088 series potable water pumps to be free from material and workmanship defects under normal use and service for 2 years from the date of purchase with purchase receipt or 2 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the motor nameplate if no purchase receipt is available. Pumps installed as original equipment fall under the warranty supplied by the manufacturer.

About SHURflo

SHURflo is part of the Flow Technologies Group of Pentair, Inc. (PNR), a publicly held company on the New York Stock Exchange. The company was founded in 1968 to serve a recreation market that was searching for a dependable fresh water pump to deliver water stored in tanks to the faucets, showers and toilets installed in the coaches. SHURflo delivered then and they deliver now as the dominant supplier to the RV, marine, general industrial and floor care markets. SHURflo has full service sales, service and distribution center in Elkhart, Indiana, as well as a hub for the company located in Cypress, California.

Product Description

Shurflo potable water pumps are designed and constructed to deliver high performance, reliability and serviceability. These potable water self-priming pumps employ three independent pumping chambers to lift water up to 12 feet. They provide smooth flow and operate quietly. All Shurflo pumps have a built-in check valve that is rated to 200 PSI which prevents backflow into the tank, and contain an adjustable switch. This water pump can even run dry without damage! Comes wtih a 2 year limited warranty, and can be mounted in any position. UL, CSA and IAPMO apply to some models.


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